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Do you know the difference between Autism and FAS? It may surprise you that many children who are actually FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) are diagnosed with Autism.

Why is that you may ask? Well it has to do with labeling. For a child to be diagnosed FAS communities often view Mom as someone who did this to their child, or “that woman drank throughout her pregnancy” and you know what, that is so wrong. FAS researchers in fact will tell you that many women don’t even know their pregnant when the damage is done, as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome happens in the first few weeks and before Mom knows she’s pregnant. In fact there is no safe level of alcohol consumption. Alcohol affects everyone differently everyone metabolizes alcohol at differentl rates. Some women can and have had a glass a wine with no affects, where as another woman had done the same during pregnancy and her baby is born with severe FAS. So to label a woman as irresponsible, a drunk who damaged her child, is not only reprehensible, but not factual, and that fear of being labeled will keep some parents from have their child correctly diagnosed, and some will refuse to have their child diagnosed for this fear of becoming an outcast.

But why would a professional intentionally misdiagnose? Well unfortunately it has to do with money, position, status in your community and your skin color. That’s why the highest percentage of FAS diagnosed children are from poor families, native population, or ethnic background. White women, white children are rarely diagnosed with FAS; instead Doctors will diagnose them as Autistic. Autism and FAS have similar symptoms and behavior. But that’s it. There is in fact a huge difference in both these conditions. Autism damage is repairable that’s why autistic children in the right credible therapy program make incredible progress. The damage to a child’s brain with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is irreversible. But there is still incredible therapy for children with FAS that really works. And without the right therapy, children with FAS face a troubled future.

How many of you would know the difference between FAS and Autism?