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What Dreams May Come – Part II –

A Short Story part of The Walk the Right Road Series

“South America?” Marcie Hollis stood behind her long rectangular table at the market wearing her blue halter dress, the one that showed off a hint of cleavage, and made her blue eyes shimmer brighter than the clear blue sky.

“I fell in love with it ten years ago when I traveled with friends. There’s something about the people Marcie, they are absolutely magical.” Dan had the most amazing jaw, and set of cheekbones. His entire face appeared to glow from the passion that oozed when he spoke. And man those lips; she could only imagine what it’d be like to be kissed by him.

“I’m planning to head down this winter, first Rio, and then travel down the Amazon. Stay down there a couple months this time.” He crossed his solid tanned arms, the ones that shouted a strong active man who loved to work outdoors, as he sauntered around her table, dressed so casual — shorts and a t-shirt. Didn’t matter what he wore, he could make anything look good.

Marcie couldn’t shake the butterflies that were having a party in her stomach, or the stupid grin that must be slapped across her face, all because Dan McKenzie had showed up every Saturday at the Gardiner’s farmers market, to see her. Even today, he was waiting as she hustled in with her large blue plastic storage container. Grinning like a schoolboy, as he leaned confidently against her table. He shared his dreams of faraway places, and love for travel. Places in his heart, where Marcie longed to be.

But then she frowned when some awful ache twisted in her tummy. “South America’s dangerous. You could get hurt.” But it was more the thought of him leaving to visit another country, a culture, a place, people who would pull Dan further from her. And the thought burned a hole in her heart.

“No Marcie its fine. You can’t worry about danger. If you focus on something bad and worry it to death, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.” He moved a little closer, and Marcie was glad no one stopped by her table. She didn’t want to stop talking to Dan. She loved being with him. Listening to the music in his voice, which sounded like smooth silky rum, and connected with some part of her soul where she needed more and more.

“I’d love to spend time with you Marcie. I look forward to each Saturday when you’re going to be here. Maybe you could spend some time with me. I could come over and visit next week. After that I’m going to be getting really busy.” He caressed her cheek with his warm hand, then tucked her unruly long hair behind her ear in such a gentle intimate way.

Did her mouth fall open? Did she stutter? She couldn’t get the words out fast enough. “Yes, yes. I would love that.” Man the way he touched her turned her knees to putty.

And then Dan grinned in such a dreamy mesmerizing way, a quirk of his lips that lit up his lightly freckled face, and snagged a place inside her heart. He wanted her. He was interested. She wanted to clap her hands and jump up and down. Dan McKenzie, heart throb and the most fascinating handsome man was pursuing her.

“When can you come over?” Marcie must have appeared like a love struck fool, but she didn’t care.

“Excuse me Miss. But could I have two bags of Rosemary, and one of those bottles of homemade bug repellant?” Her stomach plummeted as she was pulled away from her fairy tale prince, to the dowdy old lady rummaging her table. She wanted to tell her to go away. But her Granny raised her better.

“Sorry Dan just give me a minute.”

He touched her shoulder and allowed his hand to slide away. “Look after your customer Marcie. I’ll see you later.” His eyes softened as he flashed her that slightly crooked smile, then turned and strode away.

But with him went her heart, dreams of being his one and only, as she longed to be with him now, and part of his dream trip down to South America.

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What Dreams May Come, is a short story about two characters from The Choice, Marcie Hollis and Dan McKenzie. Always wondered how they met? Well come back and read Part Three to Running Late, and What Dreams May Come on October 22, 2011. And don’t forget to checkout my new release, The Choice.  Available in eBook for 2.99, at all online sellers. And for those of you who still prefer the Print version, The Choice is now available in print at all online booksellers.