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Great deeds are not for us. Let us just do little tasks with great love. (Mother Teresa)

A quote that Mother Theresa spoke depicts her own life and drama. She wasn’t a genius type of a woman, nor very exceptional – she just loved God so much, she decided to leave the comfort of her convent where she was residing and go to the streets of Calcutta – to help the poor, the blind, the naked, the unwanted and unloved. That was her call and her mission and she humbly fulfilled her calling, no matter what hardships she might have faced during that time. There was no apparent greatness or glory in living with the poor in the same slums, begging for food or water and having to witness and experience every bitter piece of poverty on your own. However, she was determined in her mission and her strong stance and resolve helped her many times. What was so great about her? It wasn’t her wit or education and, surely, wasn’t her outside beauty. She just loved the ones we usually turn from and try to forget – the lowest of the lowest lowlifes. She loved them so much that she became just like them for some time. That’s what her quotes about life are about – she fulfilled her calling with such a great love that attracted even the worst people. Her life is a perfect example what miracles can be achieved among the poorest people without any money in your pocket and rich friends by your side.

A man is born not just to disappear like a tiny dust. He is born to leave something on Earth, in the people’s minds. (A. Suchomlinsky)

Every man or woman, no matter how small or big he is, during his lifetime leaves a footprint on this Earth. Sometimes I hear people say that they need to build a house or any other building to “leave something on this Earth”. Others are talking about writing a book, because that seems to be the best way of imprinting yourself on this planet. I also do know some people that are poor builders and bad writers and they cannot write books or build even a dog house, not mentioning the house for a family. Still, let us not be short-sighted about this, because I believe that every man leaves something here, no matter, he wants it or not. From the moment we are born, we influence our parents’ lives and later the lives of our friends and relatives. Later we might be communicating with our classmates and college friends and finally our colleagues. It’s impossible to remain an “invisible man” while being and working in the society and we always leave bad or good memories and influence the people close to us. The problem is that very often we leave bad memories and broken lives in our path, instead of bringing some goodness, comfort and help. It’s what you are and do that matters, because that’s what makes you a person and that’s what is left, after you die. You don’t necessarily have to build a house that no one might be living in. However, you can help your friend or even enemy in hard times and their lives will be changed.

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